Event 35 ETH Total Reward

New XLC event

we will hold an event to purchase XLC tokens. and we will start the event from now.

Β Event 1:
“The Reward is 30 eth and will be distributed to the 100 most XLC Token buyers.

Event 2:
“The Reward is 5 eth for the 50 most XLC buyers. with purchases below 0.1 Eth.

Please read the following event rules carefully and follow the event rules wisely

1. XLC held is from ICO purchases
2. We request proof of purchase in the form of a purchase txhash to check the truth.
3. Each participant must fill in the form that has been prepared.
4. XLCs obtained from selfdrop or from purchases at Exchange will not be counted.
5. If you buy tokens and do not fill out forms with TXHash, you will not get a prize from the event.
6. We only need proof of purchase. after filling out the form with proof of purchase, the token held can be used by the holder. because we only need proof of purchase.
7. the minimum purchase calculated in Event 1 is 3,000,000 XLC or equivalent to 0.1 eth.
8. The minimum purchase in the 2nd event is 0.02 Eth.
9. The prize that the participant will get depends on how many tokens the participant holds.

Presale XLC

πŸ–‡0.01 Eth = 300,000 XLC (including bonus)
πŸ–‡0.05 Eth = 1,500,000 XLC (including bonus)
πŸ–‡0.1 Eth = 3,000,000 XLC (including bonus)
πŸ–‡0.5 Eth = 20,000,000 XLC (including Bonus)
πŸ–‡1 Eth = 40,000,000 XLC (including Bonus)

How to buy XLC tokens :point_down:
Sent Eth to address 0xd617C897F0b4A44cE5a006f85Dad90C4aaf84153
Gass set: 100000
Gwei: 4

after the purchase is made please fill out the form below to participate in the Event.

Event Event 1 form


Event event 2


for counting and sending the reward will be distributed at the end of the ICO period.

“Regarding the distribution, it will be announced in the group, telegram channel, medium blog, twitter post, official Facebook and on the website.

Terms and conditions

Please read all the rules above and follow them wisely.
There is no compulsion for each participant in participating in the event program.
We are not responsible for any mistakes made by event participants.
:pushpin: If there is an error from our side, please contact us immediately.
if the purchase of the token does not use the address listed above. then we are not responsible for the loss of participant Funds. because we made a previous announcement on our official channel.
There is no consequence for all criminal acts and fraud that we find in the event. and funds will not be refunded.
:pushpin: If something is poorly understood or someone wants to be asked. contact us for clarity.


Please pay close attention to the address of the address we wrote above.
Admin groups never contact you first. and be careful if someone asks for a private key or some kind of tool to encrypt your wallet.

Contact us

https: //t.me/XLCAdmin
https: //t.me/chandragrotopia

Β https://etherlitecash.online

Vote event

We have saved 100,000,000 XLC for this event reward

Get free 100,000 XLC for vote XLC token on satoExchange
Get 20,000 XLC for each referral


Follow all Instruction in form for get XLC token

Rules for vote
* 1 Vote = 20,000 XLC ( 100,000 XLC for 5 Vote)
* You have 5 Vote’s on SatoExchange and apply all vote for XLC if you want 100,000 XLC.
* For Vote you must have 200 satx (70 Dogecoin) and 1 trade. you can deposit 70 doge and trade to satx.
* XLC will listed if have 1000 Vote.
* Reward will distribution if XLC Token listing.